Thursday, September 17, 2009

Compare and Contrast

by Langston Hughes

Hold fast to dreams
for if dreams die
life is a broken-winged bird
that cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams
for when dreams go
life is a barren field
frozen with snow.

Pablo Neruda (tranlated into Englishy by Ben Belitt)

When I switched off the lights last night
all my roots went to sleep
while my eyes remained
caught in the leafage:
later, with dark flooding in,
a branch fell over my dreams:
the cold night rose
from the trunk, crystal-clear,
a transparent iguana.

I slept soundly then.

I closed my eyes and my leaves.


  1. Hi my name is Shania,
    I think that both of the poems are very thoughtful and well written. In “Dreams”, Langston Hughes talks about foefilling your dreams before they are let go.Where as in “Trees”, Poblo Neruda talks about how dreams are like trees if you desire it enough your dreams will com true.


  2. Hi, I'm Tinasiah
    This is what I think about when reading both poems.
    They both have something that involve dreams.
    They are different because one talks about the dreams of a tree.
    They are also different because one talks about what happens to dreams.
    I like the first one because it is a calm and talks about true dreams.
    I also like the first one because I hold onto my dreams.

  3. Hi, I'm Coreann i think these poems are trying to say something, like the first one it talks about a dream.I think its saying if you let go of a dream your life may not become very good you can loose many chances to do something good for people.Such as helping you neighborhood and traveling the world entertaining people and making them smile and say thanks to you.I also like the second poem because it talks about a tree having trouble falling asleep then at the end of the poem the tree finally falls asleep i thinks its a very awsome

  4. I like the poem because it tells you not to let go of your dreams. The second one didn’t rally tell you it but i found out what the that poem means. The different is the ne tells you do not let your dream go and the second one is telling you go and follow your dreams

    From:Jahziah J. Roberts

    School:Gordon Parks

  5. comparing and contrast

    Hi my name is Brittney
    The thing that's in both of the poems is dreams.they both talk about how if dreams die or if a branch fell over my dream so they talk about what dream do.however these are different because Pablo Neruda tells his way by trees and Langston Hughes say how you should on to dreams.

  6. Well If you ask me I think that if you really wont that dream run to it because if you don't later on you will wont it later.

    Nijah Royster

  7. Hello my name is Dyani. My dreams are to grow up and be a smart,talent person. My mom always told me nobody can break you down, from stopping you from your dreams or break you down, to the ground like a hammer. Also when I grow up I will be a clothes maker,and a doctor. What you going to be when you grow up?

  8. By:Semya Andrews
    They are the same because they both talk about dreams.Like for instance,Langston Hughes said “Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die”And saying that he is implying to go for your dreams and don’t let them go.And Pablo Neruda said “When I switched off the lights last night all my roots went to sleep”He is implying that the he is dreaming about being a tree.

  9. Hi I am kassin,and I think that both of the peoms talk about your dreams.And,in the second peoms it talks about trees and it talks about sleep.

  10. Hi my name is Gerald Crute and this story inspire me to make all my dreams to come true.My friends need to inspire this story instead of laying around.

  11. Hi, my name is Sade Benjamin this is what I think of the poem. The poems both talk about dreams. One of them talk about trees and the other talks about what crushed dreams is like.

  12. Destanee Hawkins
    Langston hughes and pablo neruda both are talking about there dreams .
    There talking about how they go to sleep.
    plus there talking about not letting your dreams go away atall
    the samlo’hen i switched off the lights last night all.

  13. Hi am LisaWilliams and really liked the peom because it tells you to hold on to your dreams and never let them go.I think the firstone talks about never leting your dreams and the other one talks about trees and how pablo neruda had trouble falling to sleep I truely loved this poem.

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  15. Hi my name is Nasir Thompson
    I like the Langston Hughes poem because the way he expresses his emotions and rhymes

  16. Hi I'm Nasir Thompson 5th Grade Miller St. Academy.

    I enjoyed reading the poem "Dreams" because it tells you to hold on to your dreams and NEVER let go. If you do let go you will not get anywere in life.

  17. Hi, my name is Kimberly Espinal and I am in the fifth grade. I attend Miller St. Academy in Newark. I enjoyed the poem "Dreams" by Langston Hughes and the other poem "Trees" by Pablo Neruda. But, I enjoyed "Dreams" by Langston Hughes because I can tell how it shows and the rythm it has. In my opinion, I think "Dreams" by Langston Hughes is to never let go of your dreams, because if you do, you'll feel lonely like if you are in a barren field with frozen snow. For example, it states "Hold Fast to dreams for when dreams go life is a barren field full of snow".

  18. Hi I am Nathalie,

    I like the first poem entitled, "Dreams" by Langston Hughes. I Liked it because its telling you that if you let your dreams go its like you're leaving an empty feeling inside of you, "Life is a barren field frozen covered snow."

  19. Hello my name is Ahmed Toure, to tell you the truth I think that both Langston Hughes and Pablo Neruda are inspiring poets. Maybe Langston Hughes had a dream that he was going to become a famous poet and maybe that's why in his poem "Dreams" he wrote this "Hold fast to your dreams for if dreams die..." Look at him now a very very famous poet and it was not only from that poem there are many more.

  20. Hi I am Kimora Peak, I am a fifth grade student at Miller Street Academy in Newark, New Jersey. I really enjoyed both of the poems "Dreams" by Langston Hughes and "Trees" by Pablo Neruda, but the poem I enjoyed more was "Dreams" because I was able to relate to how Langston Hughes talked about never letting go of your dreams because if you do it will feel like "life is a barren field full with snow." To me "life is like a barren field full of snow " means that your heart will feel empty.

  21. Hi my name is Nasir Thompson
    and I attend Miller st. Academy

    I believe the two poems are alike because they show DREAMS being completed and also shows the reader to express your emotions to the WORLD!!!

    They are different because the poem "Trees" shows how a man who relaxes before he rests, also he compares his feelings to trees.

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  23. Hi my name is Katherine Muy and I go to Miller St Academy in newark

    These two poams are alike because they send a massage to the kids like me and one of the poams has an important massage "dreams"by lansgon what he is trying to say is that hold on to your dream and never let anybody stop you because if they do your dream would just slip away and "trees" he express his emotions realating to a tree